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Community Projects

Community Suicide Prevention

Where Can we help?





What can we do to help?

Community projects will create tools, resources, training, programs and services to help build community capacity to prevent suicide. We will draw on our learnings from people’s stories and lived experience as well as what research has shown to work in other communities.

Project Pillars

Specialized supports: which includes a range of possible prevention, crisis and postvention services such as, peer support, support groups (including self-help), workplace interventions, and coordinated planning and access.


Training and Networks: that better equip both health workers (physicians, nurse practitioners, etc.) and community gatekeepers (first responders, Human Resources staff and managers, teachers, etc.) by providing access to training and ongoing learning opportunities.


Public awareness campaigns: locally driven campaigns (posters, brochures, social media, etc.) and collaboration with the media.


Means restriction: support communities to identify “hot spots” (the methods or places where a high number of suicides occur) and to implement measures to restrict access to these methods of suicide (e.g., building barriers on bridges or at railway crossings, protocols for medication access).


Research: to increase the suicide prevention evidence base that we could draw on. This includes setting research priorities, conducting surveillance and monitoring, as well as evaluating the project itself.

Do you have an idea?

We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can promote life in our communities. Please send us a note and let’s start the conversation!