Provincial Mental Health Crisis Line 1-888-429-8167
For Emergencies: Dial 911

Hope Providers

Community Suicide Prevention

What Do Hope Providers Do?


Those who are contemplating or have lost to suicide


The journey as we build community capacity


That community plays a role in life promotion

Advisory Team

A passionate group of community people who value the lived experience of others. This group will provide oversight to ensure that Roots of Hope demonstrates health equity, is centered in lived experience and helps connect suicide prevention work to other community initiatives that support the social determinants of health.

Evaluation Team

Passionate with a side of curiosity, the Evaluation Team explores how we can build community capacity past being gatekeepers who navigate those in crisis to clinical supports. This group helps us stop and reflect -What is going well? Where are we making impact? What are the forks in the road and tipping points that are guiding this work and creating the path forward?

Community Support

Communities play an important role in preventing suicide and promoting life. To have good mental health people need a sense of belonging and safety, inclusion, affordable housing, food security, financial stability to name just a few. Many people work every day to support people in our communities to have these basic needs. Below are organizations that support people in achieving good mental health. If you would like to add your organization below please connect with us!

We Believe in Community!