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Learning Circles

Community Suicide Prevention

What are learning circles?

Learning Circles are where we will learn what we want to do as a community to reduce suicide. Learning Circle participants will include those with lived experience as well as those who represent different aspects of a person’s life including family, workplace, recreation, social, school, faith, etc. Together we explore what suicide prevention means, what would help and what can we do together to make a difference?

What DO YOU learn?

Impartial facilitators keep the discussion focused, help the group consider a variety of views, and ask challenging questions.  They are not “experts” or there to teach but help guide the group to better understand each other’s experiences and what we can learn from them

Creating Deeper Understanding and Guiding Action

How does this issue affect me?

What are other saying about this issue?

What can we do about this issue right now?

Learning Circles produce good ideas and plans for action, which can draw the community together and improve everyone’s quality of life. People experience suicide differently so we need to better understand how to meet people where they are at. Do you want to start a Learning Circle?



Learning how people experience suicidality helps understand how we can help them. The CMHA NS CAST HUB is a great resource to understand how different people experience suicidality differently and offers toolkits, fact sheets and other resources to help communities understand how keep each other safe.