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Story telling

Community Suicide Prevention

Why Do Stories Matter?

Those who have recovered and are successfully managing a mental health problem or mental illness play an important role in combating stigma. Their stories of hope and recovery are influential to changing how people think about suicide prevention, and how they react and treat those struggling with their mental health. If you are a family member or caregiver of someone that has been lost to suicide, you too can play an important role as a speaker in destigmatizing suicide.

People with lived experience are at the centre of Roots of Hope. We will support the health and well-being of people with lived experience who are involved to ensure their voices are respected and heard in safe spaces

Meet Kanaar!

Kanaar’s mission is to guide youth and underrepresented groups with the socio-emotional awareness to begin using their voice as a tool to create change. He is an experienced storyteller and has helped many people learn how to Let Your Soul Talk. He is working with people with lived experience to develop ways we can support those who have contemplated and those who have lost to suicide tell their stories to bring change.

The Story Telling Program Will Help you:

Find strength in your survival story

Take a leadership position within the program and your community

Share your story to guide changes in awareness, support and programming


Do you want to share your story?

Would you like to help us develop this program? Tell us little bit about yourself and what you hope people will understand or do differently after they hear your story.