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Community Suicide Prevention


Formative Summative


The overall goal of the evaluation is to:


  • Determine of confirm if Roots of Hope is effective in reducing suicidal behaviour and suicide rates in Nova Scotia;
  • Understand the effectiveness of the project components including its effectiveness in changing: 
    Knowledge (and whether this had led to a change in behaviour, including assessments, referrals, etc.)

    Awareness and attitudes associated with suicide for stakeholders groups including health  professionals, gatekeepers and the general public;

  • Determine future directions regarding effective investments in suicide prevention; and inform future suicide prevention program planning  


Community Based



We want to increase the suicide prevention evidence base that we can draw on. This includes:

  • setting research priorities
  • conducting surveillance and monitoring
  • evaluating projects

Research plays a key role in suicide prevention. Having strong evidence and information on suicide prevention will assist in addressing the issue, help identify populations at high risk and demonstrate which evidence-based practices are the most effective. We are currently working on developing a local research agenda. Our Research Think Tank held in June 2022 captured some our initial thoughts. Community driven research will be used to develop guidelines and toolkits to support future implementation and scaling up across Nova Scotia.